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Parent Partnership Day at Kids 1st Darlington

As part of our Petits Poussins Parent Partnership program with Kids 1st we have been conducting Parent open days so that the parents can come and see the progress and fun their children have in their French sessions. What a great session we had today at Kids 1st Darlington!  As I arrived at the session I could not believe the turn out,  Sébastien got himself all nervous when
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How to open your wine without a corkscrew!

Voulez-vous du vin? Pas de tire-bouchon?……. Have you ever wondered how to say cork screw in French? Well maybe you don’t really need to know that it’s ‘un tire-bouchon’ [uhn teer boosh-ohn]…watch the clip and maybe we will rename it ‘une tape-chaussure!’ You can also call it ‘un ouvre bouteille’ [oov-reuh boot-ay] which is more like a bottle opener. Voilà la solution….Bonne dégustation et santé!
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Universities see a Downturn in Language Students

If this isn’t a reason for change in MFL Teaching in the UK I don’t know what is! It’s embarrassing and worrying to think that the reality is that our economy will suffer due to the lack of polyglots in the UK. We should be able to do it just as good as other countries. At Petits Poussins we are committed to creating a revolution! We
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Alouette, gentille alouette

Don’t you find that there are some French songs that you just know already?  But what does the song ‘Alouette gentile alouette’ actually mean?  Did you already know, or will I just share our knowledge of the French language with you? An alouette is ‘lark’ and this poor bird is being plucked on his head and other parts of the bird’s body! Now the
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