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Parent Partnership Day at Kids 1st Darlington

Je te plumerai le nez!

Je te plumerai le nez!

As part of our Petits Poussins Parent Partnership program with Kids 1st we have been conducting Parent open days so that the parents can come and see the progress and fun their children have in their French sessions.

What a great session we had today at Kids 1st Darlington!  As I arrived at the session I could not believe the turn out,  Sébastien got himself all nervous when he saw all the mamans, papas et la grandmère!  I was thrilled with the support for the session, my favourite bit was the children tapping ‘mon nez’ with ‘les plumes’ (feathers) for our body part song!

It was so exciting to be able to show the parents that Petits Poussins’ curriculum is not only about learning a load of nouns, that the children learn real day to day French using total immersion, so we only speak in the target language.  There was none more proud than I, when I asked one of our Petits Poussins to ask her friend across the room “what is your name?” in French…”va demander comment tu t’appelles?” I said, and off she went to ask her petit ami “comment tu t’appelles?” to which he responded “Je m’appelle….”

You have to bear in mind that these children are 3 and 4 years old and I only ever address them in French.  It’s incredible to see!  I hope that the parents enjoyed it as much as the staff, Sébastien and I did!  One of the parents told me that her children have little French conversations with one another now!  We are so grateful to the support of the parents who encourage their children at home, downloading the songs and apps we blog about.

Petits Poussins and Kids 1st staff have a real partnership going on.  We train the staff as we teach, to reinforce what we are teaching the children during the week until our next weekly session.  The staff are absolutely fantastique across the group and work so hard, even when they have never learned a word of French in their lives, it’s commendable and we are so grateful of their hard work.

As with all of our nurseries we work with, we help them to create French wall displays that reflect what the children have been learning and ensure that we link our curriculum with their lesson plans and the EYFS as much as possible. So if the children are learning about the weather we always try and link it with our theme and throw in something about the weather in French.

If you’d like to leave us some feedback we would be so grateful and we always love to see videoclips of the children at home!

merci beaucoup!


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