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Our Teachers

Gill Nemri

Gill Nemri, is the owner of Petits Poussins and has 2 bilingual children who speak French.  Gill left industry as a bilingual Senior Buyer to begin a career in teaching French and ICT in a primary school.   In 2006, she decided to pursue her dream to give the gift of bilingualism, that she had passed on to her own children, to as may young people as possible.

In order to do this, Gill realised she needed to create classes that would be tailor-made for mums, parents and carers of children from as young an age as possible.  She had the foresight to set up Petits Poussins, and began teaching in local nurseries,mums and toddler sessions , schools and providing private tuition to both adults and children.

For many years Gill has tried and tested the various areas of the Petits Poussins curriculum that she has written herself.  The success of which is based on Gill’s teaching expertise and her knowledge and understanding of how to get the best out of every child that she teaches.

Gill has a vast array of teaching experience, from babies, children, young adults to adult teaching, teacher training and providing consultation and advice to bilingual families. She continues to deliver mums and toddler, nursery, private sessions and consults to local schools teaching teachers how to teach French.  She also works in a Newcastle private school teaching and providing curriculum development to French to EYFS to KS2.

Sylvie Hargreaves

Sylvie is a French native from Grenoble, France and has been living in the UK for 15 years with her husband and their son.  She now teaches in many of Petits Poussins’ nursery partners, inspiring many young children to speak French.  Sylvie has a great sense of fun and is creative in her approach to teaching French to our Petits Poussins…..She brings her first hand experience and  knowledge of French culture and education. To top it all, as you would expect, she has a great French accent!

We are very proud of Sylvie, she is totally bilingual and also speaks Italian to a very good level too.  She is a lady with a gift and a passion for languages, who wants to help with the Petits Poussins’ dream and pass her gift on to as many people as possible!