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Here’s a little taster of how we do it!

It’s the start of a new year, it’s 2016 and we have come a long way since 2005 with developing our unique and dynamic curriculum and teaching method.  Petits Poussins is different in many ways, and apart from our fun and enthusiasm for languages, we don’t speak any English to teach your child French.  We believe that if you are going to learn a language, total immersion is the key.  Each week we teach 100′s of children and if we are totally honest with you, there’s many emotions we feel; however, one of them is ‘blessed’ and the other is ‘amazement’.

To put that into context, when children and adults follow our ‘Making Languages Fun’ learning programme it is like watching little happy angels soaking up every bit of joy, laughter and language in our teaching sessions.  We are witnesses all day, every day to the saying ’children are like sponges’.

As many of you know we teach from birth in our Parent and Toddler sessions, in fact in any of our sessions we advocate that language acquisition of additional languages should be started from as early an age as possible. Just as you do with your child’s mother tongue, they are hard wired to absorb it all!

So have you ever wondered how we teach your child, or what your children learn in our sessions, or how you can get involved, please have fun watching our video, let us know what you think!  If you would like more, let us know and if you would like to see our teaching in our ‘live classes’ or training for your school or educational establishment, we would be happy to help!  After all, the more people who get involved the bigger our chances of realising our dream of creating that revolution in the way modern foreign languages are taught in the UK…or maybe even across the globe! Pourquoi pas!



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