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Bateau Sur L’eau

As part of our transport theme, one of our favourite songs is ‘bateau sur l’eau’ – boat on the water. There are a few versions of the song, as usual we have added a #MakingLanguagesFun twist to it and we have modified the end of the song. We shout “tombez!” which means “fall” and we all fall, ‘splash’ into ‘la rivière’ – the river.
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New Italian Sessions for Toddlers and Adults and French for Adults too!

We hope that you are becoming familiar with how we strive to continually supply high quality French teaching services.  Following our success, we have worked really hard to train our new Italian teachers to our high standards, and have been so excited and proud watching them deliver our curriculum in Italian following our tried and tested teaching methods. I only wish you could have
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The ‘n’ sound in French

When a word in French has the sound ‘n’, or it ends with an ‘n’, you make this sound from your nose. You almost scrunch your nose up, as if you were showing disgust! A great way to make the sound is by holding your nose!! However, you need to remember to master the sound and not walk around holding your nose every time
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