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A song for learning transport & counting to 20

We just love it when we find pedagogic material which reinforces more than one theme at a time!  Language learning is all about reinforcement. In our sessions children initially learn to count from 1-10, but we offer progression through out our classes and reinforce and build upon important vocabulary.  We always enrich learning by enhancing their vocabulary and taking them to the next level.  We
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Les roues de l’autobus – The wheels on the bus

Here’s another great song that backs up our transport theme.  We just love the way this video clip includes real children and animation, our Petits Poussins love watching this too.  Check out the vocabulary below and practice doing the actions with your child.  You could even make your own cardboard bus or choose toys from around the house that have word associated with the
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Jean Petit Qui Danse – A song for learning Body Parts

At Petits Poussins we always like to uphold our motto of ‘Making Languages Fun’.  We have spent many years  having fun trying and testing the resources that accompany and reinforce the vocabulary in our dynamic curriculum. One song that sticks in everyone’s head in our sessions and provides lots of fun learning for our children is ‘Jean Petit qui Danse.’ The song is great
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Leo le Camion Curieux – Leo the curious Truck Videoclip

In our fun sessions this week we have been following our innovative and fun curriculum to learn about transport vocabulary.  Pop along to one of our interactive mums and toddler sessions or ask your nursery if you can come along and observe as a parent.  We guarantee you will have lots of fun and we can give you ideas on how to reinforce the language
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Welcome Back to the New Term with a Transport Video Clip

Bonjour! Our mums and toddler and private tuition sessions start again tomorrow at St Paul’s Parrish Church.  We are looking forward to seeing you all for more ‘Making Languages Fun’ sessions.  It’s a great way for all the family to learn and encourage their little ones to speak another language from a young age. Take a seat with your Petits Poussins and have 10
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French Nursery Songs App review

Comptines HD http://www.apptrace.com/app/comptines-hd/id442392216 Songs are a great way for your children to learn a language.  Our curriculum is developped in a clever way that ensures language is learned in a fun manner with lots of clever repetition, solely delivered in the target language. This is a great app of traditional French ‘comptines’ - nursery songs, some with a twist on the French version.  Your children should be
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Au Feu les Pompiers! A great Transport song

 le pompier  [leuh pomp-ee-ay] the fireman When we teach we like to use exciting songs that make the language experience fun for the children. As you know our motto is ‘Making Languages Fun!’ We often put a twist into songs or adapt them so that it reinforces our questions or the vocabulary that we have been covering.  When we sing Au Feu les Pompiers we
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The Petits Poussins love to hide and so does Pocoyo!

Sébastien, our mascot monkey, often likes to play the game cache-cache with the Petits Poussins as we practice our counting and verbs. Chercher [shershay] is the verb ‘to look for’ in French and Trouver [troovay] is the verb ‘to find’.  We often ask the children ‘on va chercher Sébastien?’ [ohn va shershay Sébastien]- are we going to go and look for Sébastien? When we
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‘Poyoco Danse’

Voici Pocoyo encore!  He finds a radio with his friends and they all have a go at dancing, but can Pocoyo dance like Elly and Pato?  Get your children to encourage poor Pocoyo to dance and get them up dancing with Pocoyo in his own special style! Check out some of the key words and how similar they are to English!! la radio [lah
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Bonne fête des mamans

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/vjgrvtN2F9k” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> Bonne fête des mamans! Here’s a lovely videoclip for you and your Petits Poussins! Have a wonderful day, you deserve it! xx