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New Italian Sessions for Toddlers and Adults and French for Adults too!

We hope that you are becoming familiar with how we strive to continually supply high quality French teaching services.  Following our success, we have worked really hard to train our new Italian teachers to our high standards, and have been so excited and proud watching them deliver our curriculum in Italian following our tried and tested teaching methods. I only wish you could have
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Check out this little lady

This is a link to a videoclip showing the amazing results of teaching from such a young age, this little lady is only 2 years old and has been learning French with the Petits Poussins programme for only a few weeks. Enjoy! http://www.facebook.com/111203378956305/posts/10151242256743722

Giving the Gift of Bilingualism

Giving the Gift of Bilingualism   Teaching a foreign language to our little ones is something that should be encouraged and celebrated, a gift that most adults would add to their `wish list of life achievements’.  Research studies have shown time and time again that the earlier we expose our children to multiple languages the better. Children who speak more than one language are believed to
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