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Giving the Gift of Bilingualism

Giving the Gift of Bilingualism


Teaching a foreign language to our little ones is something that should be encouraged and celebrated, a gift that most adults would add to their `wish list of life achievements’.  Research studies have shown time and time again that the earlier we expose our children to multiple languages the better.

Children who speak more than one language are believed to be more versatile and it is understood to have a positive effect on their mental development, improving analytical, social and academic skills.  It may seem like a long way off, but it will certainly give your child a head start in the world of work, a leading edge that the next candidate may not have.  

Petits Poussins has built upon its wealth of language teaching experience to develop auniquehighly engaging and robust curriculum with a dynamic, yet effective approach to learning.  Bilingual teachers continually reinforce language learning in a fun and structured mannerdelivered solely in the target language.  Practical and educationalvocabulary is used whilst showing parents how to incorporate the new language into the home environment.  

With each session understanding, language acquisition, pronunciation and communication improve.  Some of these young people have had their first words in French and even the adults’ French is improving along the way!

We tap into children’s intrinsic and innate ability to learn more than one language at once.  Bilingual or multilingual parents are offered advice in raising their child with more than one language at home. We are acutely aware that individuals learn in different ways and of the importance of variety, regardless of age, so our motto is Making Languages Fun!  


Classes are offered in a number of settings to adults and children from as young as 10 months, in our mums and toddler sessions and from 1 in nurseries.  We provide sessions in blocks or theme days in schools and teacher training in our ‘Teaching theTeacher how to Teach Program’ and private tuition to children and adults too.  


What better time to start giving our little ones the gift of bilingualism?  



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