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About Our Services

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  • David Hedley

    Hi Gill,

    Just want to say, thank you very much for the excellent tuition (for a very inexperienced adult beginner) and an extra special thanks or helping us search for an apartment in France. Without your help making calls and translating emails etc, I really do not know where we would be!

    It really is above and beyond the call of duty.


  • Fiona Gould

    We only started going to Gill’s French classes for babies & toddlers 5 weeks ago, but already my 2.5yr old son is coming out with phrases and words independently. He can almost count to ten, and loves the “sautez” at the end, which he was doing with great enthusiasm after the class this morning! Quite surprisingly, my 7mth old also takes everything in during the class and I can see he’s going to enjoy it just as much as his older brother. Thank you Gill!

  • Claire Dadswell

    Gill, you have been an inspiration to me for my French lessons. My girls have thoroughly enjoyed being taught by you and I’m proud that at 4 years old they have a real love for French and their vocabulary is still growing!

  • Jeni

    I can only echo what Abi said. My girls, now aged 10 and 7 have graduated from Petits Poussins parent and toddler and still attend classes every week.

    My youngest is dyslexic and far from hindering her language development I believe Petits Poussins has helped her. She has a whole other range of phonics that she would not have from purely English, a whole range of neuro paths have been fired that wouldn’t have been without Gill. She gains massive amount of confidence and self esteem from the lessons, something that hit all time low in school 10 months ago. Learning French is tough for dyslexics, it’s orthographic depth is only slightly shallower than English, but Gill’s amazing structured multi sensory techniques with lots of overlearning and so much praise remove the barriers. Thanks to Gill she has a whole set of coping strategies she wouldn’t have from only one language. I now struggle to keep up as they are now beyond lots of my GCSE French! Now all we need is to clone Gill and her team.

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