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Au Feu les Pompiers! A great Transport song

 le pompier  [leuh pomp-ee-ay] the fireman When we teach we like to use exciting songs that make the language experience fun for the children. As you know our motto is ‘Making Languages Fun!’ We often put a twist into songs or adapt them so that it reinforces our questions or the vocabulary that we have been covering.  When we sing Au Feu les Pompiers we
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How do we say “it’s sunny” in French?

I don’t know about you, but it’s lovely to see the sunshine en Angleterre today…So how do we say “it’s sunny” in French? There are two ways… “il y a du soleil”, [eel ee ya deuw sol-ay] which literally means there is some sun, ie ‘it’s sunny” or “il fait beau” [eel fay bo] which means “it’s lovely weather” Bonne journée au soleil…have a
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The ‘n’ sound in French

When a word in French has the sound ‘n’, or it ends with an ‘n’, you make this sound from your nose. You almost scrunch your nose up, as if you were showing disgust! A great way to make the sound is by holding your nose!! However, you need to remember to master the sound and not walk around holding your nose every time
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De rien

De rien [deuh ree-ah(n)] means You’re Welcome The French use courteous and polite language when addressing their customers.  When you say ‘Merci’ you will almost always hear, ‘de rien’ right back.        

s’il vous plaît

There are two ways of saying thank you in French. s’il vous plaît [seel voo play] – this is the formal way, eg if you are in shops or speaking to people you do not know.  It is also how you say please when you are speaking to more than one person. “Je voudrais une baguette s’il vous plaît.” [jeuh voodray oon bag-et seel
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To say thank you, you can say merci [mersee] = thank you merci beaucoup [mersee bo-coo] merci bien [mersee behn] = thanks a lot

c’est de quelle couleur?

this is how you ask “what colour is it?”in French.

bonjour tout le monde

Hello everyone…