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Les roues de l’autobus – The wheels on the bus

Here’s another great song that backs up our transport theme.  We just love the way this video clip includes real children and animation, our Petits Poussins love watching this too.  Check out the vocabulary below and practice doing the actions with your child.  You could even make your own cardboard bus or choose toys from around the house that have word associated with the song to give your child a more visual experience.  Next time you are in the car or if you are taking a bus trip point out the part of the car that are associated with song.

At Petits Poussins everything we do is interactive and upholds our motto of ‘Making Languages Fun!’ Think back to when you were at school or any time you had to learn something, a little bit of fun or a lot (in our case) injected into your learning experience changes how you learn and retain what you have been taught.  We tap into all learning styles, including children with special education needs, we advocate that everyone is capable of learning a foreign language, without exception!

Les roues [lay roo] – the wheels

L’autobus [lohto-bewss] – the bus

Toute au tour de la ville [toot oh toor deuh la veel] – all around the town

Les essuie-glaces [layz ess-wee glass]- the windscreen wipers

La porte [la port] – the door

Les sous [lay soo] – the money

Le klaxon [leuh klaxohn]- the horn

L’essence [less-ohnss]- the petrol


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