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Here’s a little taster of how we do it!

It’s the start of a new year, it’s 2016 and we have come a long way since 2005 with developing our unique and dynamic curriculum and teaching method.  Petits Poussins is different in many ways, and apart from our fun and enthusiasm for languages, we don’t speak any English to teach your child French.  We believe that if you are going to learn a language, total immersion
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Bateau Sur L’eau

As part of our transport theme, one of our favourite songs is ‘bateau sur l’eau’ – boat on the water. There are a few versions of the song, as usual we have added a #MakingLanguagesFun twist to it and we have modified the end of the song. We shout “tombez!” which means “fall” and we all fall, ‘splash’ into ‘la rivière’ – the river.
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Les roues de l’autobus – The wheels on the bus

Here’s another great song that backs up our transport theme.  We just love the way this video clip includes real children and animation, our Petits Poussins love watching this too.  Check out the vocabulary below and practice doing the actions with your child.  You could even make your own cardboard bus or choose toys from around the house that have word associated with the
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Jean Petit Qui Danse – A song for learning Body Parts

At Petits Poussins we always like to uphold our motto of ‘Making Languages Fun’.  We have spent many years  having fun trying and testing the resources that accompany and reinforce the vocabulary in our dynamic curriculum. One song that sticks in everyone’s head in our sessions and provides lots of fun learning for our children is ‘Jean Petit qui Danse.’ The song is great
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England is bottom in European Commission Study of Language Learning

We are already part of helping this change in the way languages are taught in the UK, do YOU or know anyone who WANTS TO JOIN US? Check the link out below. We need more specialised teachers and training to make this a successful implementation. England came out bottom in reading, writing and listening in foreign languages when the European commission analysed language skills
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French Nursery Songs App review

Comptines HD http://www.apptrace.com/app/comptines-hd/id442392216 Songs are a great way for your children to learn a language.  Our curriculum is developped in a clever way that ensures language is learned in a fun manner with lots of clever repetition, solely delivered in the target language. This is a great app of traditional French ‘comptines’ - nursery songs, some with a twist on the French version.  Your children should be
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New Italian Sessions for Toddlers and Adults and French for Adults too!

We hope that you are becoming familiar with how we strive to continually supply high quality French teaching services.  Following our success, we have worked really hard to train our new Italian teachers to our high standards, and have been so excited and proud watching them deliver our curriculum in Italian following our tried and tested teaching methods. I only wish you could have
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Au Feu les Pompiers! A great Transport song

 le pompier  [leuh pomp-ee-ay] the fireman When we teach we like to use exciting songs that make the language experience fun for the children. As you know our motto is ‘Making Languages Fun!’ We often put a twist into songs or adapt them so that it reinforces our questions or the vocabulary that we have been covering.  When we sing Au Feu les Pompiers we
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Bonne fête des mamans

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/vjgrvtN2F9k” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> Bonne fête des mamans! Here’s a lovely videoclip for you and your Petits Poussins! Have a wonderful day, you deserve it! xx  

Teaching at The Kings School, Tynemouth

What a great day we had on Friday teaching at The Kings School, Tynemouth, we had such a fun time!  The children and the staff were so enthusiastic and were all joining in speaking French.  We were so touched by their comments and feedback. The staff said our classes were”amazing” “brilliant” “fun” “productive” “versatile” and “the children had a really enjoyable experience and were already
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