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A great cartoon videoclip

http://youtu.be/7DdOhOwRr0k Belle la coccinelle want to become a fly, she’s upset because the  caterpillar – la chenille [la seuhnee] becomes a butterfly – le papillon [leuh papee-yon], but what does she become…it’s a lovely little lesson for our Petits Poussins, to love ourselves just as we are! Gill x This is a great story for reinforcing vocabulary…check out this video clip…the word ‘coccinelle’ means
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A great song! Un éléphant qui se balançait

http://youtu.be/x_GqzWecDZg This song is about an elephant who is balancing on a spider’s web – une toile d”araignée [oon twal da-ray-nyay], literally translated as a ‘web of spider’.  The elephant was having such fun in his game – ce jeu [seuh jeuh], that along comes another elephant. Then two elephants balance….and so on! I just love this song, it’s so fun and the children
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Piccoli Pulcini Song

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juqyzgnbspY&sns=em At Petits Poussins we work really hard to maintain our reputation and motto of ‘Making Languages Fun!’ This is what I deem to be a rather addictive video clip that will get us in the mood for our up and coming Italian classes, Piccoli Pulcini! Grazie mille Alexandra! This is just the kind of song we love, it’s educational but it also teaches
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App Review – Joue et apprends les couleurs avec T’choupi

T’Choupi and Doudou (his bear comforter) is a famous character for children in France. Check out our review of his app to learn COLOURS.  We have been using this app in our sessions for the last couple of weeks.  As with every resource we use, it is solely in French.  At Petits Poussins we use complete language immersion when we teach. The great thing
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Teaching at The Kings School, Tynemouth

What a great day we had on Friday teaching at The Kings School, Tynemouth, we had such a fun time!  The children and the staff were so enthusiastic and were all joining in speaking French.  We were so touched by their comments and feedback. The staff said our classes were”amazing” “brilliant” “fun” “productive” “versatile” and “the children had a really enjoyable experience and were already
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A fun idea to learn through play. Les Couleurs, Colours

Do you want to spend some quality time with you child playing in French?  Learning through play is our approach and the more fun you make it the more your child will be encouraged to learn.  Those of you who are part of Petits Poussins’ classes will have received your newsletter with all of the vocabulary you will need to reinforce any learning. How
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Watch this videoclip, French in action…you’ll love it!

Here’s another link to a videoclip showing the more amazing results of teaching from such a young age, this little man is just 3 years old and has been learning French with the Petits Poussins programme for only a few weeks. Enjoy! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Petits-Poussins/111203378956305?ref=hl#!/photo.php?v=10151250223978722

Check out this little lady

This is a link to a videoclip showing the amazing results of teaching from such a young age, this little lady is only 2 years old and has been learning French with the Petits Poussins programme for only a few weeks. Enjoy! http://www.facebook.com/111203378956305/posts/10151242256743722

Does your child’s school/nursery need a boost with languages?

Do you want to enhance your child’s language learning at school or nursery?  Do you feel disappointed that your child doesn’t have access to learning a second language?  Are you a teacher and do you feel you could benefit from some training, support and lesson/resource ideas? Could we be of service to your child’s school/nursery teachers by providing sessions or training the staff to deliver fun
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A review of BBC French is Fun with Serge the Monkey

I have to say that having used this product for several years, we are most impressed.  It is mainly used to back up the Petits Poussins curriculum, to reinforce vocabulary learned and so that the children can hear someone else speaking French other than a Petits Poussins teacher.  It would only be used once a session has been delivered, the main vocabulary that the children will hear in the
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