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A fun idea to learn through play. Les Couleurs, Colours

Do you want to spend some quality time with you child playing in French?  Learning through play is our approach and the more fun you make it the more your child will be encouraged to learn.  Those of you who are part of Petits Poussins’ classes will have received your newsletter with all of the vocabulary you will need to reinforce any learning.

  • How about you get some coloured objects and put them in a magic bag.
  • Lay out different coloured paper on the floor.
  • Remind your child of the colours in French.
  • Ask your child to choose something from ‘le sac’ and get them to match it with the correct coloured sheet of paper.
  • Ask your child ‘c’est de quelle couleur?’ [say deuh kel coo-leur] What colour is it?
  • And then say the colour in French ‘c’est bleu’ [say bleuh] it’s blue!
  • Check out your newsletter for all the other colours.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have any coloured paper just use different coloured objects from around the house to create your colour category or even better have some fun colouring or painting using different colours on several sheets of paper.

I bet you could have great fun this weekend practicing and bonding with you child.

Here’s some tips for encouraging your child to speak.

  • Keep it fun!  Your child will engage so much more if we show fun and enthusiasm.
  • Most of all and use lots of praise saying ‘bravo’ when they get it right and clap your hands!
  • If your child says the correct colour in English say ‘bravo’ and then simply repeat the colour back in French, your child is corrrect and should never be told that they were wrong for saying the correct colour in English even if they are unsure of the French.
  • Remember, children are so influenced by what we do as parents.  We are their rolemodels and if they see you speaking French and having lots of fun, they will too!

Please send us your pictures and Videoclips, we’d love to share them with you!


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