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A review of BBC French is Fun with Serge the Monkey

I have to say that having used this product for several years, we are most impressed.  It is mainly used to back up the Petits Poussins curriculum, to reinforce vocabulary learned and so that the children can hear someone else speaking French other than a Petits Poussins teacher.  It would only be used once a session has been delivered, the main vocabulary that the children will hear in the DVD would have be introduced through games and using our unique teaching techniques, before watching it with them.  It is a valuable teaching tool as it is mainly in French and it allows children to hear other people speaking French other than Petits Poussins teachers. We generally run a commentary to emphasise vocabulary and phrases whilst watching the DVD!

The package contains…

A DVD with around 9 themes, each with 3 different sections

1. An introduction half English, half French with a French song.

2. A cartoon, solely in French.

3. A scene with French children, solely in French.

The DVD also has a section with all of the songs from each theme and a karaoke of a couple of the songs.  There are some fun games to play that back up the themes in the DVD.

A CD of all of the songs.  This is great to put on in the car and the songs are upbeat and catching.

Flashcards. (pity that they are not more rigid)

An activity book

The words for all of the songs

Ideas for games to play with the flashcards.

In my opinion it’s a package that can work from 2-11 years old.  I’ve tried it with all ages! Well worth the money!

All in all it’s a great package and it can be found substantially cheaper on places like Amazon.co.uk and play.com.



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