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A great cartoon videoclip


Belle la coccinelle want to become a fly, she’s upset because the  caterpillar – la chenille [la seuhnee] becomes a butterfly – le papillon [leuh papee-yon], but what does she become…it’s a lovely little lesson for our Petits Poussins, to love ourselves just as we are! Gill x

This is a great story for reinforcing vocabulary…check out this video clip…the word ‘coccinelle’ means ladybird, other vocabulary covered in this clip is ‘l’abeille’ [labay] – means bee, and la mouche [la moosh] means fly…

Don’t worry that your Petits Poussins won’t understand everything, it doesn’t matter, you are exposing them to the sounds and fluency of the language.  They are clever, they will pick out the key words and you can even help and reinforce them, what a great way to encourage your children!


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