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Does your child’s school/nursery need a boost with languages?

Do you want to enhance your child’s language learning at school or nursery?  Do you feel disappointed that your child doesn’t have access to learning a second language?  Are you a teacher and do you feel you could benefit from some training, support and lesson/resource ideas?

Could we be of service to your child’s school/nursery teachers by providing sessions or training the staff to deliver fun and interactive lessons that the children and staff with be able to use in a practical manner throughout the day.  They will even be able to apply what they learn in our sessions to their day to day activities outside school.

We at Petits Poussins provide unique and dynamic lesson plans to help teachers to change the way that French is delivered in their school.  We can deliver and train staff from Nursery through to year 6.  We are advocates that languages should be taught from as young an age as possible.  We believe that although beneficial, starting languages from the age of seven, as the government is currently recommending, is not  early enough.  We have a wealth of experience and all of our teachers are bilingual. Time and time again we witness the proof that the earlier a child learns the more easily they absorb another language.  Our lessons are only delivered in the foreign language, using our unique teaching techniques, therefore giving your child a head start with language acquisition.

Please contact us should you wish us to make an inquiry at your child’s school or nursery. http://petitspoussins.co.uk/?page_id=38

Check out what some of the teachers have been saying about us…

A year one teacher said..

These lessons have been fantastic, the children have got so much out of it – we have been able to weave the things learned into daily classroom routine.

The children love the way it is delivered, they get so excited about French as it is fun and interactive – they also get to practice and speak a lot with immediate feedback.  They love Sébastien, the humour used hooks them in too!

I have learned how to teach French without constantly translating into English. I sisn’t understand how this would work before Petits Poussins and I am amazed at how much they have picked up!

It has refreshed my French and has given me fresh new ideas for incorporating French into the daily routine.

Being able to observe the lesson as it was delivered, whilst following the lesson plans provided, has been fantastic – it has given lots of ideas for resources and Incorporating the language into Year one topics providing us with a cross-curricular link.

There are more testimonials and feedback on the website http://petitspoussins.co.uk/?p=454#comment-25  and http://petitspoussins.co.uk/?page_id=59




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