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Thanks for a great mums and toddlers session today. It was my first time at Petits Poussins et c’etait fantastique!! It was lovely to see kids so young being totally immersed in the foreign language. And it was fun all the way!
See you again soon.
Anne-Marie (mum and primary school teacher)

Fantastic, fun, pacey lessons.  Very useful lesson plans and well detailed and explained.  The advice and guidance given has been great and has given lots of ideas how to deliver French and conversational skills to young children.  Things have changed in the school as we now deliver weekly French lessons throughout the school, you have revolutionised the way we teach French in the school.

We love the lessons and look forward to French lessons every week.  I now drip feed French in though classroom register time, line up time etc (use of commonly discussed classroom topics and repeated vocab in English that we now use in French instead!) Year 2 teacher who received training, lesson plans and participated in lessons

Both staff and the children have thoroughly enjoyed the French lesson this term. It has been wonderful to see just how quickly the young children have taken to a new language and see them build upon their skills week by week.

The lesson plans have been very useful for staff helping us to continue with French and ‘dip into’ topics we are covering in nursery. Nursery Teacher who received training, lesson plans and participated in lessons

The children very quickly built up a good relationship with yourselves and this was down to your warming and enthusiastic manner with them, many thanks.

These lessons have been fantastic, the children have got so much out of it – we have been able to weave the things learned into daily classroom routine…

The children love the way it is delivered, they get so excited about French as it is fun and interactive – they also get to practice and speak a lot with immediate feedback.  They love Sébastien, the humour used hooks them in too!

I have learned how to teach French without constantly translating into English. I sisn’t understand how this would work before Petits Poussins and I am amazed at how much they have picked up!

It has refreshed my French and has given me fresh new ideas for incorporating French into the daily routine.

Being able to observe the lesson as it was delivered, whilst following the lesson plans provided, has been fantastic – it has given lots of ideas for resources and Incorporating the language into Year one topics providing us with a cross-curricular link.

Just want to say, thank you very much for the excellent tuition (for a very inexperienced adult beginner) and an extra special thanks or helping us search for an apartment in France. Without your help making calls and translating emails etc, I really do not know where we would be! It really is above and beyond the call of duty.  David Hedley (Adult Private tutee)

For all of you out there wondering if it is worth signing your children up for French here is my experience:

I have 3 children aged 10, 9 and 6. My eldest started middle school last September and was really struggling with French as she has partial hearing so I called Gill. All 3 started having tuition with Gill alongside another group of 3 children (altogether 6 in the group) for half an hour a week.

Two weeks ago my eldest had a French assessment at school and came top of her class. A huge achievement as in September she was bottom of her class.

I don’t need to say anymore other than “Merci Petits Poussins!!!”  Abi (mum of 3 from Child Private tuition)

Gill, you have been an inspiration to me for my French lessons. My girls have thoroughly enjoyed being taught by you and I’m proud that at 4 years old they have a real love for French and their vocabulary is still growing!
Merci!  Claire Dadswell (mum and teacher who experienced the lessons and received training)

Lessons plans are very helpful.  I particularly like the pronunciation part, it is very helpful.  I like that the vocabulary is general and can be used in other subjects.  Great advice and suggestions as to how we can use French on a daily basis.

I have a better knowledge of how French is taught.  It is great that all of the lesson is in French.  French is much more enjoyable and plays a much bigger part in the curriculum than before thanks to Petits Poussins.

The children are so excited about the French and have taken on so much of the vocab.