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Leo le Camion Curieux – Leo the curious Truck Videoclip

In our fun sessions this week we have been following our innovative and fun curriculum to learn about transport vocabulary.  Pop along to one of our interactive mums and toddler sessions or ask your nursery if you can come along and observe as a parent.  We guarantee you will have lots of fun and we can give you ideas on how to reinforce the language at home.

Check out the link to the video clip, le camion de pompier- the fire engine.

Leo is a curious truck and he has parts loaded on his back.  What is he going to make with the parts?  Enjoy watching the videoclip with your Peits Poussins and dicuss the vocabulary with them.  Remember it’s all about Making Languages Fun!

le camion [leuh camee-ohn] the truck

la voiture [lah vwa-tewr] the car

le camion de pompier [leuh camee-ohn deuh pomp-ee-ay] the fire truck

un [uhn] – one

deuc [deuh] -two

trois [twra] – three

les sièges [lay see-ej] the seats

le volant [leuh voh-lohn] the steering wheel

une cabine rouge [oon cabeen rooj] – a red cabin

un pare-choc en avant [uhn par-shock ohn avahn] – the front bumper

trois roues [trwa roo]  three wheels

à côté [ah coat-ay] to the side

les ailes [layz elss] the wings

la citerne-d’eau [lah see-tern doh] – the water tank

l’échelle [lay shell] the ladder

le girophare [leuh geero-far] the flashing light


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