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The Petits Poussins love to hide and so does Pocoyo!

Sébastien, our mascot monkey, often likes to play the game cache-cache with the Petits Poussins as we practice our counting and verbs. Chercher [shershay] is the verb ‘to look for’ in French and Trouver [troovay] is the verb ‘to find’.  We often ask the children ‘on va chercher Sébastien?’ [ohn va shershay Sébastien]- are we going to go and look for Sébastien?

When we find him we shout coucou [coo-coo] – hiya/peek-a-boo

We just love the verb cacher [cashay].  Say it to you child and see what they do!

We use it often in the sessions with its variants…

Cache les yeux [cash layz yeuh] – hide your eyes

Cache, cache, cache [cash cash cash] hide, hide hide

Click on the video clip from our ami [am-ee] friend,  Pocoyo and check out our vocabulary guide below.

This time we find him playing at hide and seek, cache-cache [cash-cash].

Pocoyo Joue à cache-cache

Here’s the vocabulary from the video clip ‘Pocoyo Joue à Cache-Cache’

Bonjour [bohn-joor] – hello/good morning/good afternoon

Jouer à cache-cache –[joo-ay ah cash-cash] – to play hide and seek

Coucou – hi-ya/peek-a-boo

Où est Pocoyo? [oo ay Pocoyo]

Il est là/elle est là [eel ay la/el ay lah]- he/she is there

Que veux-tu faire ? [keuh veuh tew fayr] – what do you want to do ?

Jouer [joo-ay] – to play

Un jeu [uhn j-euh] – a  game

Un poisson [uhn poisson] – a fish

Dans la mer [dahn la mer] – in the sea

Des bras  [day bra] – some arms

Le fôret [leuh fo-ray] – the forest

La fleur [la fl-euhr] – the flower

L’arbre [lar-breuh] – the tree

Le pied – [leuh pee-ay]- the foot

Dormir [dor-meer] – to sleep

On va dormir


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