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Alouette, gentille alouette

Don’t you find that there are some French songs that you just know already?  But what does the song ‘Alouette gentile alouette’ actually mean?  Did you already know, or will I just share our knowledge of the French language with you?

An alouette is ‘lark’ and this poor bird is being plucked on his head and other parts of the bird’s body! Now the traditional song goes like this…..

Je te plumerai [jeuh teuh pew-meuh-ray] I will pluck you…

La tête [la tet] – the head

Le cou [leuh coo] – the neck

Les ailes [layz el] – the wings

Le bec [leuh bec] – the beak

La queue [la keuh] – the tail

Click on the link below to see the traditional version of the song and read on to find out how, at Petits Poussins we make the song fun!

But as you all know at Petits Poussins our motto is ‘Making Languages Fun’ so we take traditional songs and give them a little twist sometimes so that we reinforce the vocabulary that we are teaching…so we are plucking our heads, noses, mouths, hands and feet! As you sing the song with your child point to the body parts and emphasis the words as you sing or see if you can find a feather to liven up your performance!  You’ll soon see your child will better retain the words because you had some fun!

le nez [leuh nay] – the nose

la bouche [la boosh] – the mouth

les mains [lay mahn] – the hands

les pieds [lay pee-ay] – the feet

We hope that you might have heard your Petits Poussins singing it at home!

Go on send us a videoclip!

Merci et à bientôt




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