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Universities see a Downturn in Language Students

If this isn’t a reason for change in MFL Teaching in the UK I don’t know what is! It’s embarrassing and worrying to think that the reality is that our economy will suffer due to the lack of polyglots in the UK. We should be able to do it just as good as other countries. At Petits Poussins we are committed to creating a revolution! We teach from 10 months old, train teachers, teach in schools and nurseries  but we need to educate at source and change the system! I’ve just heard that they are not teaching MFL on PGCE courses but the government is making it mandatory in sept 2014…really?!

When will it stop, we have already seen a reduction in the number of children in schools taking up GCSE languages, if at all, now our University students are doing the same.  It is so worrying!

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