The ‘n’ sound in French

When a word in French has the sound ‘n’, or it ends with an ‘n’, you make this sound from your nose. You almost scrunch your nose up, as if you were showing disgust! A great way to make the sound is by holding your nose!! However, you need to remember to master the sound and not walk around holding your nose every time
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De rien

De rien [deuh ree-ah(n)] means You’re Welcome The French use courteous and polite language when addressing their customers.  When you say ‘Merci’ you will almost always hear, ‘de rien’ right back.        

s’il vous plaît

There are two ways of saying thank you in French. s’il vous plaît [seel voo play] – this is the formal way, eg if you are in shops or speaking to people you do not know.  It is also how you say please when you are speaking to more than one person. “Je voudrais une baguette s’il vous plaît.” [jeuh voodray oon bag-et seel
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To say thank you, you can say merci [mersee] = thank you merci beaucoup [mersee bo-coo] merci bien [mersee behn] = thanks a lot

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c’est de quelle couleur?

this is how you ask “what colour is it?”in French.

Our Vision

At Petits Poussins we tap into children’s innate, intrinsic natural ability to learn and absorb second, third and fourth languages simultaneously. By exposing your child to the Petits Poussins method, you will be very proud that your child will speak French from the first session in most cases and they often continue in their home environment during play or to proud Grandparents! As learning
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What We Do

We at Petits Poussins provide language and communication tuition for all ages, from young children from 10 months old to adults of any age.  We provide services in mums’ and toddler groups, nurseries, schools, businesses and as private tuition.  In fact if you would like to learn a foreign language at any age we can help. We have developed our own curriculum, which has
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Stop Press…

From April 2012, Petits Poussins will deliver French to all of the Kids 1st nurseries.  Kids 1st and Petits Poussins are to join forces in the vision they share…We want to give the opportunity for as many pre-schoolers, from as early an age as possible, to learn a foreign language .  We see this as a partnership and a great opportunity for the staff
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bonjour tout le monde

Hello everyone…