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What We Do

We at Petits Poussins provide language and communication tuition for all ages, from young children from 10 months old to adults of any age.  We provide services in mums’ and toddler groups, nurseries, schools, businesses and as private tuition.  In fact if you would like to learn a foreign language at any age we can help.

We have developed our own curriculum, which has been tried and tested and adapted to various settings.  We only ever speak in the target language and strongly believe that this is the best way to learn the second language.  Our method is so visual that children understand what we are saying, it’s all about communication!

Some of our pupils’ first words have been in French, quite an achievement when the main language from birth has been English!  We also have many children who have parents who are bilingual or sometimes tri-lingual but wish their child to learn French or another foreign language.  Sometimes their only exposure to the language is their parents, Petits Poussins’ groups provide the opportunity for the bilingual children to hear and interact with other bilinguals.


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