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A great song for learning animals and their sounds!

 ’Le Poussin Piou’ Song…


We have already posted the Italian version of this song, it’s brilliant!!  It exsits in lots of languages too!  This is a great way of learning the animals and the noises that they make.  Believe it or not the dog doesn’t say “woof-woof” in French, he says “ouaf ouaf”  The cow says “meuh”…Watch out for the ending, poor poussin!

À la radio – on the radio [ah lah rad-ee-oh]

un poussin [poo-sahn] piou [pee-ou] - a chick

une poule [pool] cot cot [cot-cot] – a chicken

un coq [coc] cocorico [coc-ee-ree-co] – a cockrel

un dinde [dand] glouglouglou [gloo-gloo-gloo] – a turkey

un pigeon [pee-gee-ohn] roucoule [roo-cool] – a pigeon

un chat [sha] miaou [mee-ah-oow] – a cat

un chien [she-ahn] ouaf [waff] – a dog

une chèvre [sh-eh-vreuh] bêê [bay] – a goat

un agneau [an-yo] mee [may] – a lamb

une vache [vash] meuh [m-euh] – a cow

un taureau [toh-roh] muu [moow] – a bull

un tracteur [trac-teuhr] bruum [broowm] – a tractor

Let us know how your Petits Poussins found it!

Merci beaucoup et à très bientôt… see you real soon!


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