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A great song for learning animals and their sounds!

 ’Le Poussin Piou’ Song… http://youtu.be/6GsPLAslPIA We have already posted the Italian version of this song, it’s brilliant!!  It exsits in lots of languages too!  This is a great way of learning the animals and the noises that they make.  Believe it or not the dog doesn’t say “woof-woof” in French, he says “ouaf ouaf”  The cow says “meuh”…Watch out for the ending, poor poussin! À
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‘Poyoco Danse’

Voici Pocoyo encore!  He finds a radio with his friends and they all have a go at dancing, but can Pocoyo dance like Elly and Pato?  Get your children to encourage poor Pocoyo to dance and get them up dancing with Pocoyo in his own special style! Check out some of the key words and how similar they are to English!! la radio [lah
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Bonne fête des mamans

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/vjgrvtN2F9k” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> Bonne fête des mamans! Here’s a lovely videoclip for you and your Petits Poussins! Have a wonderful day, you deserve it! xx  

Petits Poussins announce Piccoli Pulcini

We are proud to announce that Petits Poussins will be running Italian Classes in the summer term!  We will be starting Italian classes for mums and toddlers before the Summer. Our venues are yet to be announced and we would love to hear from interested parents and families.  We will also be offereing sesssions in nurseries, after school and lunchtime clubs too, so if
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