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‘Poyoco Danse’

Voici Pocoyo encore!  He finds a radio with his friends and they all have a go at dancing, but can Pocoyo dance like Elly and Pato?  Get your children to encourage poor Pocoyo to dance and get them up dancing with Pocoyo in his own special style! Check out some of the key words and how similar they are to English!! la radio [lah
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T’choupi videoclip compilation!

A little while ago I reviewed the brilliant T’choupi App for learning colours.  T’choupi is a big part of French children’s lives, please share and watch this with your Petits Poussins.  This is a great compilation for you!  As you know the more exposure your children get to the language the better!  Don’t worry if you don’t understand, they will follow it, their brains
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Bonne fête des mamans

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/vjgrvtN2F9k” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> Bonne fête des mamans! Here’s a lovely videoclip for you and your Petits Poussins! Have a wonderful day, you deserve it! xx  

A great cartoon videoclip

http://youtu.be/7DdOhOwRr0k Belle la coccinelle want to become a fly, she’s upset because the  caterpillar – la chenille [la seuhnee] becomes a butterfly – le papillon [leuh papee-yon], but what does she become…it’s a lovely little lesson for our Petits Poussins, to love ourselves just as we are! Gill x This is a great story for reinforcing vocabulary…check out this video clip…the word ‘coccinelle’ means
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A great song! Un éléphant qui se balançait

http://youtu.be/x_GqzWecDZg This song is about an elephant who is balancing on a spider’s web – une toile d”araignée [oon twal da-ray-nyay], literally translated as a ‘web of spider’.  The elephant was having such fun in his game – ce jeu [seuh jeuh], that along comes another elephant. Then two elephants balance….and so on! I just love this song, it’s so fun and the children
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We are in the Evening Chronicle!!

We were so lucky to be interviewed by The Evening Chronicle journalist, Sam Wonfor. and we are so proud to be in today’s newspaper.  Have a read! Please share it on your own Facebook and other social media sites, we want to create a revolution in the way foreign languages are taught in the UK.  Please help us!  The younger we teach our children
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Piccoli Pulcini Song

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juqyzgnbspY&sns=em At Petits Poussins we work really hard to maintain our reputation and motto of ‘Making Languages Fun!’ This is what I deem to be a rather addictive video clip that will get us in the mood for our up and coming Italian classes, Piccoli Pulcini! Grazie mille Alexandra! This is just the kind of song we love, it’s educational but it also teaches
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Petits Poussins announce Piccoli Pulcini

We are proud to announce that Petits Poussins will be running Italian Classes in the summer term!  We will be starting Italian classes for mums and toddlers before the Summer. Our venues are yet to be announced and we would love to hear from interested parents and families.  We will also be offereing sesssions in nurseries, after school and lunchtime clubs too, so if
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App Review – Joue et apprends les couleurs avec T’choupi

T’Choupi and Doudou (his bear comforter) is a famous character for children in France. Check out our review of his app to learn COLOURS.  We have been using this app in our sessions for the last couple of weeks.  As with every resource we use, it is solely in French.  At Petits Poussins we use complete language immersion when we teach. The great thing
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Check out Les Petits Poussins

It’s always a pleasure to share a special moment whilst learning languages… We had a great session in Little Diamonds today and look what they have to educate their Petits Poussins! Beaucoup de Petits Poussins! We always use visual stimuli in our teaching, it made my day to be able to show the children real Petits Poussins! Check out our video clip… Les Petits
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