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Our Vision

We want to Inspire through Languages

At Petits Poussins we tap into children’s innate, intrinsic natural ability to learn and absorb second, third and fourth languages simultaneously.

By exposing your child to the Petits Poussins method, you will be very proud that your child will speak French from the first session in most cases and they often continue in their home environment during play or to proud Grandparents!

As learning a language is based on repetition, our method ensures that children hear not only repetitive language, but are continually building on what they have learned. Sessions are only ever delivered in the target language. By incorporating new language, activities and themes children are continually stimulated and learn through play.  We are not about learning lots of songs, although singing is always part of a class.  The unique method that we have developed allows children to learn whilst having fun, without realising that they are following a curriculum that covers common themes and links with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and the appropriate Key Stages (1 and 2) of learning, dependant on age.

Along with the Petits Poussins Method, within each session there are a range of activities, ensuring that the child’s attention is engaged and they learn language through

  • Songs
  • Repetition
  • Visual stimuli
  • Puppets and toys
  • Games
  • Crafts
  • Flashcards
  • Culture

How to bring your child up to be bilingual

We can offer advice and guidance on what method would work best for your family when you wish to bring your child up in a house with more than one language.  All of our staff are bilingual and have experience of bringing up their own children to be bilingual.    We teach children who are exposed to, at times,  4 languages and their parents have been wise enough to see that the earlier their child is exposed to additional languages, the better it is.  A child whose mother tongue is not fully developed can be exposed to other languages and as the child grows will learn to differentiate between the languages and speak them to the level of fluency they have been exposed to.

If you come along to one of our mums and toddler sessions you will see firsthand, the method we use and you can learn from us how to play and interact with your child, whilst encouraging them to speak your target language.