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Our Partners

Many of our parents have intentionally put their child in a nursery that we teach in.  The parents want their little ones to reap the many benefits of learning a language from a young an age as possible. They are also aware of our high quality and effective language learning programme and teaching method. We are so grateful for their following and commitment to work with us to make languages an integral part of their children’s early years’ education.

We are proud to share with you a few of our many Nursery Partners who would love to provide you with a reference:

  • Fieldhouse Nursery
  • Children’s Choice Nursery
  • Leigh’s Nurseries Group
  • Brunton Park Day Nursery
  • Northumbria University Nursery
  • Tynemouth Nursery Group


Our Services

We provide teaching in nursery settings with children from 1 year upwards.  We provide bespoke packages according to your nursery ethos. In nurseries we offer our teaching programme from the baby room upwards. We can even teach mixed aged groups as our curriculum is written in such a way that all children’s needs can be met. Our aim is to fit in with your ethos and vision for the children and at the same time provide you with top quality language teaching for your children.  We regularly consult with the nursery staff to find out themes the children have been covering from the EYFS and then reinforce the vocabulary they have learning in the foreign language, tailor-made to your schemes of work or individual lesson plans.

A unique and comprehensive newsletter is distributed to your parents and staff, which gives the parent a sense of involvement in their child’s learning experience of the foreign language.  They will also be familiar with the vocabulary their child learns and will be able to reinforce and join in together at home too.  We regularly post on our blog, facebook and twitter links to external educational media and tips to integrate what the children have been learning in the sessions to the home environment.


We make each session different and full of fun and laughter.  ‘Sebastien™’ our puppet mascot is always at hand to provide humorous interaction in the foreign language with the children.  We only ever speak in the target language and strongly believe that this is the best way to learn the second language.  Our method is so visual that children and adults understand what we are saying, it’s all about communication!

As we encourage, like yourselves a strong link between the home and nursery, we also provide Parent Partnership days and invite you to bring the parents into the session.  Everyone gets involved in Petits Poussins’ Fun language sessions, the more the merrier!

Each nursery nurse who attends a sessions is deemed invaluable to the children’s language development.  We all know that our children look to adults as examples and our staff are trained to encourage nursery staff to join in the sessions.  We help nurseries appoint key staff to co-ordinate and liaise with the parents and reinforce the vocabulary the children have learned in a session throughout the week.  In effect we are training the staff as we teach the children in the Petits Poussins Method.

We have many nursery partners with whom we have been working with for over 11 years.  They are always happy to provide references.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch, there are many to choose from!

Please get in touch, we have experience in providing to whole nursery groups on a large radius, such as Kid’s 1st Nursery Group and to single nursery units.  We never compromise on service and quality.  Taster sessions are also available upon request.