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“A Reception French lesson contained a wide range of activities to keep the children motivated and led to the children acquiring a good range of vocabulary at an early stage of the term.”

‘Teaching the Teacher How to Teach’ © Petits Poussins

“How do I teach French, I don’t speak French!?” exclaimed the teacher…..Help is at hand.  We offer a teacher training services to schools and other educational establishments such as nurseries…“TEACHING THE TEACHER HOW TO TEACH © ”.   A Petits Poussins bilingual teacher delivers a lesson in the target language.  Thanks to unique lesson plans and teaching techniques, teachers can follow a lesson plan and deliver a session with lots of spoken French, even when the teacher has very little knowledge of the language.

We provide Our unique program ‘teaching the teacher how to teach’ (© Petits Poussins 2011) provides you with skilled teachers who can demonstrate how to deliver Modern Foreign Languages in the target language and provide lesson plans suitable from EYFS through to KS2, with lots of inspiring teaching ideas presented in a unique and innovative manner.

The easy to follow lesson plans show the teacher just how easy it is to deliver in the target language and incorporate French into the daily routine.  We can even show you how to incorporate MFL into PE and other curriculum areas.

Petits Poussins Teachers deliver MFL in the classroom

Bilingual teachers can also deliver lessons in your school, for short or long periods, covering many themes and topics which incorporate other areas the national curriculum.

Lesson Plans & Resources

You will be provided with Petits Poussins’ unique lessons plans for your chosen theme from our bank of resources.  Alternatively we will recommend and deliver lessons with easy to follow lesson plans that can be used time and time again.  You can also have customised lesson plans prepared for you based on the topics your children may be covering.  The plans provide you with activities which can be used either during daily routines, throughout the week or delivered as whole lessons.

We can also help you to create resources that can be used as teaching aids, either with little spend or without even having to spend money from your budget.

Clubs & Theme Days 

We also provide lunch-time and after-school clubs for your chosen age groups which can be funded by the school or the parents.  We also offer fun days that provide a great way to teach French culture.  We cater for European days, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Bastille Day, songs for special occasions, celebrations and much more.